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AFA, LaBarbera think being publicly pro-gay is still a liability; how quaint

by Jeremy Hooper

Peter LaBarbera and the American Family Association's One News Now apparently think this kind of headline is still a thing in 2014 America:

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 At 10.16.26 Pm

Wait, you mean to tell me that Walmart, like virtually every other prominent American brand and a rapidly growing majority of the public, is finding a way to become more rather than less inclusive of a viable minority population? Wow, what next, kids—gonna shock us with the revelation that Apple is now publicly invested in better performing iPhones? That GAP sees a need to manufacture clothes that the American teenager will consider wearing? That Coke has a particular fondness for the color red?

Psst, LaBarbera and fellow anti-gay activists at the AFA: You've already lost corporate America. I really thought you knew. From now on, you might want to start headlining which companies are not pro-gay rather than which ones are. We'll save us all time.

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