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AFA's top spokesman, thinker: Make adultery and homosexuality illegal

by Jeremy Hooper

I will remind you that Bryan Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association. I will remind you that he is enough of a mainstream conservative to have been invited to speak immediately after then-candidate Mitt Romney at the 2011 Values Voters Summit. I will remind you that Republican politicians as prominent as US Senator Rand Paul still regularly appear on his AFA Radio show.

And this is what he wants for America:

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 At 8.31.48 Pm
[AFA's Director of Issues Analysis]
(h/t: Joe)

Why stop there with your dogmatic take on public policy, Big Government Bryan? Why not a camera in every bedroom? Or forced chastity belts to which only the nation's ministers will hold the keys? Or there's always stoning, perhaps?

But then again, we don't have to guess. Bryan has already admitted that he'd like to throw all gay people into rehab (after openly entertaining (at 2:29) the possibility of putting us to death). The only question is how many of the AFA's prominent supporters (i.e. most conservative politicians and media figures) agree with the man this organization hires to direct its issues arm.

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