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Another former 'ex-gay' activist repents

by Jeremy Hooper

Christian Schizzel worked in the "ex-gay" movement, particularly with Janet Boynes Ministries and the Bachmann (yes, that Bachmann) & Associates counseling centers. He also appeared in the media on shows like "Dr Drew" and "Our America with Lisa Ling" talking about supposed "change" and how wonderful it supposedly is:

But like so many "ex-gay" activists, Christian is now repenting of this past. In an exclusive interview with Eliel Cruz for Religion News Service, he is sharing all of the ugly dealings that were dealt his way in the name of God. Here's a snip and link to the full interview:

SCHIZZEL: There was a psychological “breaking-me-down” and isolation process from my friends and family because they were considered unhealthy. They did this to achieve complete domination over me to build me up and mold me from there. I had to do activities that were stereotypically manly and I couldn’t have too many female friends that would encourage me to be effeminate.

I was kept from attending the funeral of the mother of one of my closest friend because, they said, the devil was using this funeral to lure me back out to become reacquainted with non-believers. I didn’t talk to my mom for almost a year and a half. I was told it was my family’s fault I was gay because of how I was raised. They demonized my entire support system until I had no one to turn to except them. After roughly two years of the break down I was finally on the same page as them and I began conforming to their wishes all on my own. Being young and impressionable, I was unknowingly being groomed as the next leader of the next generation of ex-gays. All I was seeking was acceptance.

The most offensive thing out of all this by the Christian community was that they told me that I was gay because of the abuse. They grasped at straws for a “cause” of my homosexuality and they used my sexual abuse against me. Now that I am coming out this second time I have to finally deal with my sexual abuse almost as if for the first time, understanding it didn’t cause my orientation.

FULL: “I won’t be a weapon anymore,” says former symbol of ex-gay movement [RNS]

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