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Anti-gay orgs continue to offend children of single parents, gay parents, more

by Jeremy Hooper

NOM and an anti-LGBT organization out of Texas are pushing this photo meme for the holidays:

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 At 11.11.45 Am

No, children deserve love. Compassion. Care. An environment that can meet their needs and work toward their success.

There are some truly horrible mothers and fathers who craft a backwards, detrimental, or even dangerous environment for their children. On the flip, there are some single parents who do miraculous work providing for their kids' every last need (and then some). Same goes for gay parents, who are often the most attentive and focused and doting of all. It is beyond offensive to suggest that children are only marked for success if they are born into a reality where a male and a female figure are present, as if the mere presence of penis and vagina are what makes for a good parenting dynamic. It's offensive to these parents who give their all, sure. More than that, however, it's deeply offensive to the children who groups like NOM are branding as less-cared-for simply because their family portrait doesn't look the way the NOM agenda demands it must.

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