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Audio: AFA Radio caller calls for executing gays; FRC-employed host doesn't even challenge him, much less condemn

by Jeremy Hooper

201412151836 When a caller phones in to your radio show and calls for the execution of gay people, you should be sure to repudiate that call for genocide in the firmest way possible. Right? And this is particularly true if you are an employee of one of America's most anti-gay organizations, yes?

Well not according to Craig James. While filling in for FRC's president, Tony Perkins, on last Friday's edition of his AFA Radio show, the former sportscaster, onetime US Senate candidate (he lost to Sen. Ted Cruz in the 2012 Texas Republican primary), and current Family Research Council employee couldn't even condemn a caller who admitted he'd like to execute gay Americans. James only gave the caller a mealy-mouthed "I don’t know about the executing" before proceed to build on the caller's thoughts, saying that he does believe people who oppose LGBT rights "have to be bold and firm and much stronger." Chilling audio below:

[Right Wing Watch]

You tell me you want to pass laws that will lead to the execution of any group of people, and I will repudiate your hollow and costly (holocaust-ly?) words faster than you can say, "longtime listener, first time exterminator." This is especially true if you are calling into my own radio show because you are an apparent fan.

This should not go a way quietly.

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