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Audio: AFA's Fischer names 'homosexual agenda' as 'greatest threat to liberty' in American history

by Jeremy Hooper

Move over, the many and myriad actual oppressions that have wounded America in our nearly two hundred forty year history. According to the American Family Association's Director Of Issues Analysis and star radio host, the fight for gay equality is the biggest threat our liberty has every faced:

This is not normal commentary, folks. We've come to accept it as normal because the anti-LGBT movement has spent decades lowering the bar in some apparent attempt to test the temperature of the earth's core. But when you step back into the real world, the idea that our peaceful progress is a liberty abuse is itself nutty; the idea that our peaceful progress is THE WORST ABUSE OF LIBERTY is off the rails.

We are a nation that had and held onto slavery. That had Jim Crow laws. That denied women the right to vote. That had forced child labor for little or no pay, and with even less restraint. That experienced the interment of Japanese Americans. That dealt brute treatment to Native Americans. Even if you aren't down with your gay neighbors, surely you see the mutant strain of extremism in Bryan's view, right? Please? Give me that one little concession as an early Xmas gift?

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