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Audio: Mark Regnerus says marriage equality is 'symbolic grab,' Christians must 'retake matrimony'

by Jeremy Hooper

Mark Regnerus, who tried to portray himself as a mainstream researcher but who we now know to be a dedicated anti-gay activist, made yet another appearance on activist Catholic radio's "The Drew Mariani Show." This time, after first repeating the hysterical wishful thinking that young people are going to grow up and turn against marriage equality (which you can find around the 39:00 mark here), Regnerus went on to suggest that we gay folk see marriage as a "symbolic grab" rather than something in which we have genuine interest. He then advised his team on how to "retake matrimony." Listen in:

[The Drew Mariani Show, 12/8/14]

No, Mark—a symbolic grab was the overt overreach that you and your faulty research, working in concert with anti-equality groups, tried to make at the Supreme Court when the Prop 8 and DOMA cases were bubbling up. And with all due respect, my friend, you, someone who proved himself so willing to connect his name and career to an obvious bout of politically-motivated activism, is the last person who needs to be schooling people on what is and is not a genuine interest.

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