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Audio: Tony Perkins notes how anti-gay, political Vatican #Humanum conference really was

by Jeremy Hooper

I wrote and tweeted quite a bit about the anti-LGBT conference that the Vatican recently held, and I specifically noted how shockingly political the whole thing was. Now anti-LGBT politico Tony Perkins, of the invited guests of the conference, helps me drive home that point:

SOURCE: Point of View radio, 12/4/14

The Vatican invited a "culture war." That is the truth. This Pope, who is supposedly above and beyond such things, invited anti-LGBT political activists because he and the church he leads apparently still finds value in anti-LGBT politics. I know some people don't like to hear that because they were optimistic enough to believe that the church was moving in a refreshing new direction. But an inconvenient truth is still a truth. And the truth here is that Pope Francis is still encouraging a faithful overreach into the lives and legal rights of LGBT human beings. I also wish it wasn't so.

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