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College professor and anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez yet again lies about me—in a legal document

by Jeremy Hooper

In the couple of years that viciously anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez has been on my radar, I have sent precisely one email to precisely one person pointing out how extreme this college professor's quote bank actually is. This is the full text of that lone email, which I sent to an organizer at Stanford University who had booked Mr. Lopez as a keynote speaker at a Catholic student conference:


My one and only email was 100% respectful, to the point where it would surely annoy some LGBT activists who'd think of me as too soft. Never once did I say anything about Mr. Lopez or his character, nor did I go after the conference itself. I simply linked to Mr. Lopez' documented rhetoric, most all of which linked back to his own (now defunct) website.

But since when do facts matter to anti-LGBT activists? For the second time this year, Mr. Lopez has dropped my name into an amicus brief. And for the second time this year, he has flat-out lied about me in this legal document, claiming that I "[often] write to people" with oversimplifications of his work. This claim is now on record with the US Court of Appeals for the 11 Circuit:

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 At 10.07.41 Am
[Robert Oscar Lopez Amicus Brief with 11th Circuit]

One one hand, it's nothing new. Even though he recently made his comment stream private and changed his user handle to "Coco," seemingly so he could hide his years of animus-laden comments, you can still find several places on the internet where Mr. Lopez has gone to place similar lies about me (see here and here). You might also remember the recent saga in which his pal "Rivka Edelman" lied about me so fully that the conservative website Public Discourse had to take the rare and extraordinary step of publicly apologizing to me for her gross negligence. Making shit up about me is something that Robert Oscar Lopez and his crew like to do.

But this is a brief. This is a legal document. This is designed to sway a court based on what is supposedly evidence that backs the person's stated position. To deliberately lie in this fashion and in this forum, without putting forth one shred of evidence (because there is none), is the height of intellectual negligence. FROM. A. COLLEGE. PROFESSOR, no less!

Mr. Lopez loves to go around blaming everyone else for his own negligent and animus-soaked public engagement. He blames me, other activists, national groups, and anyone else who documents his own words and actions on behalf of inequality. In a truly jaw-dropping post that he promptly deleted, Mr. Lopez recently claimed he is the victim of his own students). Everyone else is always wrong, but not him. He is always the "innocent." He is always the "injured" party.

He's a liar.

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