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FRC wants Congress to intervene on DC LGBT rights protections; perhaps should just move its HQ somewhere else

by Jeremy Hooper

The viciously anti-LGBT Family Research Council is a huge fan of "changing" gay people and not at all a fan of protections that aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the same. They also don't seem to like pot very much (even though if there were ever an organization that could stand to mellow the f**k out, it's this one).

So with their home city taking strides to protect LGBT people and possibly joining the national trend toward a measure of legality for marijuana, FRC is now calling on Congress to step in during this holiday season and put an end to all the safe LGBT humans, responsible therapists, and possible munchies to come:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 At 11.29.46 Am

I mean, I wouldn't be surprised to hear this GOP-led House doing FRC's bidding. That body is as sadly misprioritized as this anti-LGBT special interest group.

But if this or any future conference, regardless of controlling party, wants to do right by a world where clocks run forward rather than backwards, it will stop listening to this time-wasting, progress-stifling, proudly discriminatory organization. It's actually pretty funny (in a sad way) to hear FRC griping about "dysfunctional" Congress when it's their agenda that is at the root of most problems! The sooner both parties realize this, the stronger our republic.

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