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Hey, disingenuous discriminators—stop saying pro-equality rulings 'ignore voters'

by Jeremy Hooper

You can click the link and listen to the same ol', same ol' audio clip if you want. But what I really want to talk about is this headline, which is repeated in the clip as well and is a common meme among the anti-equality types:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 At 11.41.40 Am
[Focus of the Family Citizenlink]

How many times do we have to explain it to them before they make the lifestyle choice to start listening to words outside their own echo chambers?

Pro-equality rulings that overturn marriage bans do not "ignore voters." These judges, like all of us, very much acknowledge that legislatures passed marriage bans and that voters in many states put them into effect. And in fact it's because they do acknowledge the chain of events that they are able to study, ascertain, and ultimately determine that the chain of events was itself unconstitutional. It's precisely because the voters made the bad choice to institute such bans that these judges have a thing to overturn for the great offense and threat that it is (or was, increasingly).

I'm so damn sick of this fallacious movement. It's one thing to say and do the horrid things that these groups say and do about/to us. But what has always driven me as crazy, if not crazier, about the opposition movement is its aggressive anti-intellectualism. Focus on the Family staffers know that no one is "ignoring" voters, but they also know that it's much easier to rile up an angry mob mentality if you lie and tell them that they have been unfairly wronged. So that's they do. In the name of God and morality, they start yet another lie campaign that is designed to turn the fair application of the judiciary into a supposedly unfair and unreasonable threat to democracy. And of course this meme, like all of the anti-LGBT memes, is designed to pain us as mean and angry and militant and generally lawless. That has been this movement's definitive message for the past thirty or so years now.

I'm not sure there has ever been a more doggedly perjurious movement in American politics. It's gross and will be remembered as such.

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