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In lieu of typing 'Look how desperate we are' over and over again, NOM president wrote this instead

by Jeremy Hooper

National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown has seen the future, and he's back to breathlessly spook those who he and his cash-strapped organization so desperately need to give them money:

I sit silently holding the note my sixteen year old daughter brought home from school, taking in the word stamped in red — "Suspended." I look at her and know immediately what has happened, because we've been through this before. "He was in the girl's bathroom again and I told him to leave," she explains. All I can do is shake my head, realizing this is not going to end well.

You see, the individual my daughter is referring to is a fully-developed seventeen year old young man, but he has chosen to "identify" as a "she." The school says "she" is entitled to use the girl's bathroom, locker room and even shower facilities, and that those like my daughter who object to losing their privacy are harming her identity and bullying her. Bullying will not be tolerated.

Kids these days are told that they can choose their own gender. In fact, gender is no longer particularly relevant in the public schools. A few years ago the school district adopted the Ontario, Canada construct of telling students there were six genders, but recently they've gone to the Facebook model and teach that there are dozens of genders. What is relevant these days is not gender, but "gender identity."

Last year they adopted new guidelines to eliminate gender expressions like "boys" and "girls."

There used to be a Christian student group on campus where my daughter and fellow believers could discuss how to minister to students with different views on issues like human sexuality, but the school disbanded their group because it "discriminated" against students who don't believe in living godly principles.

Instead, they urged all students to join the LGBTQ group that meets on campus as a way of fostering understanding and inclusiveness. The "Q" stands for questioning one's sexuality, which the students encourage.

My daughter's teacher has a photo on her desk of her husband and wife. They're taking advantage of the recent court ruling that said there was no rational basis for limiting marriage to two people, so now someone can marry multiple people. The judges said they wanted to enhance equality, promote human dignity and encourage loving and committed relationships. All the spouses are entitled to benefits provided by the school district. A new law allows people to enter a marriage for a limited period of time, two years, and lets them end the marriage without penalty. But they also get benefits while they are together.

I read an article on my device that noted that even though marriage has been made available to any number or combination of people regardless of gender, there are fewer marriages taking place. A majority of children are now being born to unwed parents.

A new study came out the other day showing that teenage drug use, criminality, truancy and suicide were on the rise, while educational attainment is declining. More people are living in poverty than any other time in my life. The President published a video saying these facts point to the need for a massive new government program and proposed to raise taxes to pay for it.

The red "Suspended" on the paper in my fingers brings me back to the moment at hand. I look back at my daughter trying to figure out what to say, and shake my head again wondering how things got to this point, so far from the society I envisioned for her.

And then it hit me. It's because when we had the chance to do something about it when she was much younger, we didn't.

Let's start at the last line: "...when we had the chance to do something about it when she was much younger, we didn't." Um, B-dog, I'm pretty sure you run an entire organization that has spent the past seven years focusing solely on trying "to do something about it." Let's not pretend that whatever is happening and will happen is disconnected from the startlingly inefficacy of NOM. NOM tried to stop us and failed—hard.

Then let's talk about these ingredients of fear. Brian throws scores of nonsensical claims into the scary salad that same-sex marriage activists will supposedly force feed America, when most are quite independent of the notion of legal civil marriage. Gender identity/expression is a conversation that is neither dependent on or waiting for full marriage equality. The allowance of Christian groups in public schools is a church/state matter, not a same-sex marriage discussion. Polyamory is a notion that has roots in the bible, is a fight wholly separate from our fight for the freedom to marry, and any capacity for multiple partner marriages is one because an institution of marriage itself exists, not because same-sex couples are part of the current two partner system. And if the breakdown of marriage leads to more teenage drug use, criminality, truancy, suicide, and poverty, then the straight worlds needs to look at its own houses and not to the houses of same-sex couples (who seem most eager to marry these days.)

Or we can all look to Massachusetts, which is in pretty great shape after ten years. The state has the lowest divorce rate in the country.

And finally, I can't leave Brian's bad acting without mentioning one more thing, which is that it is also very unoriginal. I will remind you that his former subordinate, Jennifer Roback Morse, used to go around the country performing a very similar routine. To wit:

*AUDIO SOURCE: Same-Sex Marriage Affects Everyone [NOM's Ruth Institute]

She gives much better fear, that Jen!

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