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NOM continues to slight married straight people who don't have, can't have, don't care to have kids

by Jeremy Hooper

Not sure if this is a new official tag line or something they are just testing. But while it obviously and purposely excludes gay parents like myself, it's also yet another instance of the anti-gay movement excluding and pretty much ostracizing the many married couples who do not have children for whatever reason:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 At 12.47.17 Pm

Whenever someone like me points out this truth, the NOM crowd is all like, "Nah, we're not marginalizing single parents or married couples without kids." But how do you figure? If NOM insists that marriage is all about children, and insists that marriage is the only vehicle for the successful rearing of children, then they are, in fact, excluding anyone who falls outside of their forcefully limited purview. Obviously married and would-be married gay people (and gay parents) are their most prominent targets, but we are not alone. The myopia, while constrictive and ill representative, manages to find enough room to offend many.

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