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Professional discriminator plans professional visionary's hellacious eternal retirement

by Jeremy Hooper

Peter LaBarbera, a man who has built his entire career around condemnation of and discrimination against LGBT people, is now going after Apple CEO Tim Cook (pic). According Tim-Cookto LaBarbera, the proudly gay leader of one of the world's most powerful and iconic brand is actually on the fast track to a fiery afterlife alongside Satan himself:

And so along comes Tim Cook, the celebrated CEO of Apple Inc, with the revelation that he has embraced homosexual desires and behavior. Writes Cook:

“I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

This new slander and blasphemy against the Creator is so insidious and upside-down evil [Isaiah 5:20] that whole books could be written about it. Suffice it to say that Cook was so determined to extol “his truth” and rationalize his sinful lifestyle that he maligned the character of the Author of Truth itself.

Pray for Mr. Cook, that he repents of his pride and turns away from sin to embrace The Truth, Christ Jesus; otherwise he will spend eternity without Him in a place called Hell.
Absolute Truth vs. LGBTQ ‘My Truths’: Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Outrageous ‘Gay’ Claim and the Culture War [AFTAH]

It's kind of a perfect example of why this "debate," as it were, is so outrageous. A man like Cook can demonstrate great achievement, intellect, vision, and goodwill, reaching amazing heights as he helps to turn the dreams of mortals into physical products from which we can all derive great benefit and joy. And yet someone like LaBarbera thinks he can trump it all with the most reductive, self-serving, and smug reads on the multi-translated words of ancient man. A man like Cook can make daily use of the great gifts that he believes to have been given to him by a loving and glorious God, and someone like Peter thinks he can invalidate it all with a finger wag, a judgmental look, and an ever-more insistent recitation of condemnations that he will never be able to "prove."

And while Peter is politically powerless, this is the same basic root underlying the larger political debates. When fighting anti-LGBT activists, we are pushing back against a movement that believes we are intrinsically broken and believes that all it needs to support its position is a firm hold on this faith-based belief. I believe any God who gave humans the capacity for deep thought would demand a higher standard.

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