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Video: ADF features pro-discrimination advocate in latest fake 'victim' video

by Jeremy Hooper

Lexington, KY, has an ordinance protecting against discrimination in the areas of Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity, and/or Disability. But of course some anti-LGBt Christians and their political supporters believe they have some sort of entitled right to ignore at least one of those categories, even though they should have known the deal the very day they chose to open a public accommodation.

But for a movement determined to flip the script so that it doesn't seem like the pro-discrimination movement that it truly is, the whole "we're the victim" game is a last grasp move to supporters fearfully riled up. Thus this new video from the organization at the forefront of this disingenuous pro-discrimination advocacy, Alliance Defending Freedom:

There is not one shred of difference between the protections that apply to gay customers and their perfectly fair consumer requests and the protections that apply to Black, Chinese-American, Jewish, straight, disabled, or Christian customers. The only difference is the sense of entitlement that far too many anti-LGBT Christians believe they deserve. And why wouldn't they believe this? There are scores of false witness bearers and false witness-bearing organizations desperate to keep that lie alive.

What the business owners who subject themselves to these efforts don't realize is that groups like the ADF are just exploiting them and their stories for fundraising. They are duping them into believing they have a case. But once they lose the case (and they will because they always do), these business owners are the ones left with the dent in their livelihoods and fair-minded reputations. The ADF just moves on to its next subject. Trust me, latest "victim": I've seen this game repeat itself several times now. I'd get out while there's still time.

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