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Video: If this is the biggest protest Mississippi can muster, the other side should just forfeit now

by Jeremy Hooper

In this local news report from Jackson, Mississippi's WAPT News, Republican Gov. Phil Bryant (who has been known to buddy up to Tony Perkins) portrays a federal judge's opinion in favor of marriage equality as some sort of unfair overreach and fearfully pivots to a "what next?" scenario that will soon bring marijuana legalization to the state. Whatever; he's a conservative Republican and I would expect no less.

The bigger statement here, for me, is the humorously tiny protest against equality. I will remind you that this is very red Mississippi, and yet only three people seem to have turned up to declare that "God Will Win!!" (double exclamation point):

To be fair, I'm sure there have been some other protests. But not really. At least not any newsworthy ones. None of the very red state's nearly 3 million residents seem to be worried enough to take to the streets in any sort of protest that registers in any sort of way.

We've won.

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