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Wait, some of America's most anti-gay, over-the-top activists couldn't stop equality in Finland? Shocker.

by Jeremy Hooper

MassResistance is one of the most hysterically anti-LGBT organizations working in the states. Scott Lively is internationally infamous for his work in Uganda and elsewhere.

For some reason these folks thought they had some capital in Finland:


They're at an interesting place on the other side. The truth is that those who speak the loudest (e.g. MassResistance, Lively, Peter LaBarbera, Bryan Fischer, et al) hurt their own movement the most. But at the same time, the more mainstream bodies (e.g. NOM, FRC, the Republican party) can't completely shun these extremely ardent foes of the 'mos because they need them in order to keep the sinking ship at least somewhat afloat. It's a delicate balance for the pro-discrimination set.

Why an organization like MassResistance, which literally has no major win of which to speak, thinks it can influence another country's marriage vote is beyond me. But may they continue to fracture (and define) their coalition even further so those of us on the right side of history can take a damn nap.

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