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Billboard to distract Dallas drivers with dangerous message, junk science

by Jeremy Hooper

The billboard company says it had no clue what the ad was about and that it will be coming down as soon as possible. Joe has the story:

Dallas Gets "Ex-Gay" Billboard [J.M.G.]

Two things that strike me: One, this is the most unfocused billboard I've ever seen. I totally get why the billboard company would be confused. The whole thing is a confusing mess. I've written about this stuff for ten years and I still wouldn't necessarily know that this version of "reparative therapy" means that version of "reparative therapy."

Two, could they be any more obvious with the protestations? The work real (or really) is used three times. The word "authentic" is used once more. "Works" is underlined. Most trained therapists are more than willing to let the work and the results speak for themselves. But in the "ex-gay" movement, insistence that the snake oil works—REALLY! WE PROMISE! TRUST US!—is the name of the game. Because that's the name of most shell games.

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