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Derisively remembering when full equality was in 'Jeopardy!'

by Jeremy Hooper

Joe Jervis (himself working from a Slate story) tips us to this, a mocking answer from a recent edition of the high-minded game show Jeopardy!:

Jeopardy! Mocks Civil Unions [J.M.G.]

The pointed tone is clear. And it's just an appetizer of what history will do to the idea that certain American citizens should've accepted segregated, quasi-equality as the final word on this matter. It was just a few short years ago that even our allies—even our President, remember—felt like this was an okay thing to ask of us. It now seems downright offensive.

As of now, Wheel of Fortune doesn't seem to have so pointedly mocked inequality. But that makes sense; our opponents have always come off better in venues that thrive on spin.

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