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Don't you think it might be time for some new lines, Tony Perkins?

by Jeremy Hooper

Courts, from lowest all the way up to the US Supreme Court, of course have every right to consider ballot initiatives and other laws (like DOMA) that serve to strip away the deserved rights of a minority population. But even with court after court (including SCOTUS) making this perfectly clear and thirty-six states coming to adopt civil marriage equality, one of the top voices on the other side for some reason thinks sticking to the provenly-broken playbook is still the way to go:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 At 7.51.24 Pm

Is the debate really "embittered"? From where I sit, I see red state after red state (Utah! Oklahoma!) enacting marriage equality with virtually no public outcry. Even those who might be bitter about the newfound freedom seem to be stewing within their own homes, at most. For the most part, Americans (who consistently poll in support of marriage equality) seem to range from reluctantly accepting of the legal reality, at worst, to overjoyed with happiness.

Of course the underlying mistake (emphasis on "lying") in Tony and his fellows' reads is the claim that courts are "redefining" when they are really just removing an unreasonable and heavily tested roadblock from the very same institution that we have always known. You'd think that after so many losses, the team that will forever be associated with the failed attempt to stop peaceful equality would at least test some new moves. Then again, these are the faith-driven civil rights opponents who have redefined what it means to be politically stubborn and self-defeatedly self-centered.

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