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Inevitable justice temporarily delayed in Alabama

by Jeremy Hooper

UnknownIn order to give Alabama's Republican Attorney General "time to present his arguments to the Eleventh Circuit so that the appeals court can decide whether to dissolve or continue the stay pending appeal (assuming there will be an appeal.), Judge Callie Granade has stayed her ruling in favor of marriage equality in the Yellowhammer State. The stay will remain in effect for fourteen days, unless the appeals court dissolves it earlier:

BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues 14-Day Stay On Alabama Same-Sex Marriage [J.M.G.]

Annoying, frustrating, needless, and a disservice to the loving same-sex couples who have waited too long already. But at the same time, it's Alabama—AL-uh-BAMA!!—and it's on the cusp of marriage equality. If this is the game, then [:sigh::] so be it.

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