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Major Iowa caucus player calls on next President to 'politely reject unjust SCOTUS opinions'

by Jeremy Hooper

The article itself is un-bylined, but an embedded video features The Family Leader head Bob Vander Plaats delivering a truncated version of the same message. That message: Same-sex marriage is anti-God and everyone should just ignore the Supreme Court if it sides with civil equality:

Clearly, a law or court opinion recognizing so-called “same-sex marriage” as equivalent to procreative marriage violates natural law, the moral law, and the eternal law of God.

We will likewise urge our next President to consider whether or not to enforce such an unnatural and unjust opinion, should it happen. We will be asking candidates, if elected, whether they will be in favor of asking over 30 states to violate their own Screen Shot 2015-01-22 At 9.28.23 Pm Constitutions, by requiring them to issue so-called “same-sex marriage” licenses.

While SCOTUS is the Supreme Court, it is not the Supreme
Being, or even the Supreme branch of our government. Thomas Jefferson and others said it was the weakest branch, since it has no power of the purse, or of the military. It’s past time to politely reject unjust SCOTUS opinions, and govern this country according to the Declaration of Independence’s legal foundation of “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”
Marriage, MLK, and SCOTUS [The Family Leader]

It's a crazy rant filled with crazy ideas. But don't be tempted to see it as coming from some fringe group. This is coming from the organization that routinely brings governors and senators and conservative figures of all stripes to its annual events (Iowa's governor toasted the group at its 2014 soiree). This group is also a bigtimplayer in the important Iowa caucus. In the 2012 election, The Family Leader hosted most all of the GOP candidates in various events. The org. has already announced plans to do the same in 2016.

Mainstream media gives this org. the attention it seeks. Now it's time for the media to ask the questions that voters really deserve to hear. Like: "Do you agree with your host org. that God's Law should trump the Supreme Court?" Or, "Do you, candidate, plan to go through Supreme Court rulings on your first day of office and choose which ones you will unilaterally dismantle?" Or simply, "Do you think loving gay couples are violating the eternal law of God?"

We never seem to hear these kinds of questions when major political players like Mark Halperin and John Heinemann interview Bob. But why not? When a political group's leadership tells me who it is and what it wants, I choose to believe them. And then I ask why.

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