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NOM fails at year-end fundraising

by Jeremy Hooper

Frankly, I always have trouble believing the graphs that purport to show their fundraising progress, since the upticks are often jerky and seemingly inorganic. But when even their own graph admits that they came up over $60k short in their year-end "matching gift challenge," you know things are not going well over at the National Organization For Marriage:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 At 12.19.48 Pm
[NOM year-end gift challenge]

Orgs never fail at these kinds of goals. Or at least they hide it when they do.

But hey, this is NOM we're talking about. Considering they've already lost a majority of the US states, lost on the federal level, and lost the majority of the public, perhaps we should commend them on pulling in this much. I'm sure the inevitable going out of business sale will bring in the rest.

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