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NOM now distributing former Atlanta fire chief's anti-gay book

by Jeremy Hooper

Here is how The New York Times describes the anti-gay passages in the book that earned former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cohran his current controversy:

He was fired on Jan. 6 by Atlanta’s mayor, Kasim Reed, for homophobic language in the book, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” Among other things, he called homosexuality a “perversion,” compared it to bestiality and pedophilia, and said homosexual acts are “vile, vulgar and inappropriate.”
God, Gays and the Atlanta Fire Department [NYT]

So you'd think that a group that is trying to make the case against civil marriage, and that desperately needs to prove that its cause is driven by something other than animus, would shy away form that, right? Well—wrong:

If you respond to this email by renewing your [National Organization For Marriage] membership for 2015 with a generous gift, I will send you a free copy of Fire Chief Cochran's book, "Who Told You That You Are Naked?" — a reflection on his faith and central beliefs about, among other things, marriage and family. Please stand with Chief Cochran and with NOM as we stand strong against the intolerant bullying of the radical left in their attempt to push a marriage redefinition agenda at all FULL: NOM (words attributable to president Brian Brown)

Oh NOM. Poor, poor, NOM. Since they can't beat us in any arena, it seems that they've taken on pragmatism as their new opponent.

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