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NOM pushes quote from 'ex-gay' advocate

by Jeremy Hooper

Psychologist William F. Harley Jr admits that in his practice, he encourages "changing" gay people:

But I've observed hundreds of same-sex couples in my own professional experience, and they have always stood out to me as being characteristically frustrated and depressed-many to the point of suicide. Same-sex relationships tend to be very brief and, especially for men, very unhealthy and violent. Granted, I've seen my share of unhealthy opposite-sex relationships as well. Yet on average, the same-sex relationships I've witnessed have been far more fragile.

For these and a host of other clinical reasons, I've discouraged my clients from maintaining their same-sex relationships. Instead I encourage them to either pull away from romantic relationships entirely for a time or to turn their attention to opposite-sex relationships. And, contrary to public perceptions, I've seen many clients successfully reorient themselves to opposite-sex relationships. Scores of my previously gay and lesbian clients are now happily married with children-all because they embraced a traditional definition of marriage that is marked by extraordinary care for life.

I have absolutely no doubt that same-sex relationships can be very romantic. And they can be characterized by the extraordinary care I've suggested. But even in the best of these relationships, when a couple has been honest with me, they have both admitted that they would have preferred feeling the same way toward someone of the opposite sex.
Sexual orientation is not determined by birth but rather by choice. The truth is that we are all capable of expressing our sexuality in ways that we haven't even considered yet.

People can become sexually oriented to just about anyone or anything. And they can change that orientation if there is good reason to do so. In the case of gays and lesbians, a change to opposite-sex orientation can help them achieve more fulfilling relationships for themselves. And it provides the best opportunity to raise happy and successful children as well.
Marriage Builders

He elaborates in his book Defending Traditional Marriage, bemoaning how his field has changed his homosexuality has been de-stigmatized:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 At 12.46.13 PmScreen Shot 2015-01-15 At 12.47.56 Pm
Defending Traditional Marriage by Willard F. Harley Jr [Google Books]

It's pretty clear his view goes beyond policy and right into the area of animus. So naturally Harley is a great fit for an organization that has always been more anti-gay than it has let on:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 At 12.42.24 Pm [NOM]

Oh, we'll celebrate the differences alright. In fact, Americans are very much celebrating the difference between the archaic voices of the past who believe that our spectrum of humanity is filled with millions of people who were born as junk in need of "fixing" and those who who believe that we were all put here for a reason—perfectly good as we are.

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