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NOM's 'International Org. For Marriage' gets an Executive Director

by Jeremy Hooper

For the past few years, the National Organization For Marriage has been paying Opus Fidelis, a Catholic technology firm, to handle much of its social media and web work. The head of Opus Fidelis is David Lejeune, a man with deep international ties within the Catholic church.

Apparently David Lejeune will be the head of NOM's spinoff, the International Organization For Marriage, whenever that long gestating effort gets under way. At least that is how he was listed at a recent event held at the UN:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 At 12.26.02 Pm
[Political Network for Values]

Not a huge surprise, since ties are already in place. Ludovine de La Rochère, the head of the French anti-gay group La Manif Pour Tous, is the communications director for the Jerome Lejeune Foundation. David Lejeune sits on the Board Of Directors of that foundation(alongside other NOM-connected figures like John Haas). Through this, and other projects like Fidesco USA, Mr. Lejeune seems to have had an eye on international expansion for quite some time.

The only question is where IOM will make the same string of mistakes around the globe that NOM made here at home, giving global gay folk the same unwitting boost that its American counterpart has given America's fans of equality. Stay tuned; stay vigilant.

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