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Read: AFA plays innocent about making Bryan Fischer a known pundit; no one's buying it

by Jeremy Hooper

Here's the American Family Association saying they repudiate (a small percentage of) the nasty rhetoric former senior spokesperson Bryan Fischer, in an obvious attempt to coax the Southern Poverty Law Center into removing the AFA from its active hate groups list:

Here's the Southern Poverty Law Center having none of it. NONE. OF. IT:


BTW, this Patrick Vaughn, who penned this whole "we're so innocent" routine, recently wrote this about gay people and our unions:

Homosexuals have fought doggedly for the legalization of gay marriage, believing that if society will label their relationships “marriage” their hunger to feel accepted and approved will be satisfied. However, “gay marriage” will not mask a homosexual’s sense of alienation for long, because that alienation arises from the homosexual’s rebellion against God and His created order. Homosexuals’ misplaced hope in gay marriage is likely to leave gay activists even more belligerent toward people who label their sexual behavior as sin. The tortuous predicament in which the legalization of homosexual marriage traps homosexuals calls for holy and merciful responses from Christ’s Church.
FULL: Serpents & Doves [AFA]

What the SPLC said, Pat.

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