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Report: The AFA has fired Bryan Fischer as Director of Issue Analysis

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 At 10.03.56 PmAstute readers will note that whenever I've written about infamously over the top anti-LGBT activist Bryan Fischer, I've most always referred to him by his prominent title at the American Family Association. It's pretty obvious why I've done this: because I've wanted to make sure to connect Bryan's jaw-dropping rhetoric, which has managed to disparage just about every minority group (and how!) in the handful of years that Bryan's been in the public eye, directly to his employer. I knew that if Bryan wanted to keep talking the way we all know Bryan wants to keep talking, then eventually it would bite the AFA right in the proverbial arse.

Apparently AFA has finally agreed. Rachel Maddow reported on her show tonight that the AFA has indeed fired Bryan as its Director of Issues Analysis:

A quick scan on the AFA's site shows that the anti-LGBT organization has in fact removed Bryan's headshot and bio from its website. Gone.

Apparently Bryan will still keep his radio show, but I don't see how for long. This is a clear line in the sand. Damage done to Bryan; damage done to the AFA for helping this guy, whose rhetoric has now proven itself to be exactly what we said it was, achieve whatever degree of a profile that he managed to achieve.


**For my money, this is one of the most chilling Fischer clips of all time. It's not even so much that he calls for rounding up gay people and "breaking their habit" through therapy. The most chilling part comes at 2:29 when he asks, "Do we put them to death," as if it's just one of the many menu options:

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