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The 114th: First U.S. Congress to be sworn in with majority of seats residing in marriage equality states

by Jeremy Hooper

201501061933As U.S. Congress is sworn in for its one hundred fourteenth time, we should note a big of history. In the United States House of Representatives, 298 of the 435 will now be held by members who hail from marriage equality states. Over in the Senate, 72 out of the 100 seats are associated with states that have already done the right and fair thing.

While the Republicans might hold a majority, so does marriage equality. May these men and women who object to the freedom to marry at the very least respect the good and decent citizens of a growing majority of our U.S. states. Rather than waste more time on more divisiveness, let's hope these members will work together to ensure that by the 115th Congress, 100% of members from both chambers can disagree about actual social toils and troubles rather than this very dead horse of a distraction.

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