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Tony Perkins equates #CharlieHebdo murders—as in homicide—with Atlanta employment decision

by Jeremy Hooper

Credit where it's due: His rant is not nearly as whack as Erick Ericsson's day-of piece, in which the Fox News contributor literally compared LGBT activists and those responsible for the firing of the Atlanta fire chief with the people who murdered twelve satirical journalists in France. But today at a rally in support of said fire chief, Screen Shot 2015-01-13 At 5.25.01 PmFamily Research Council president Tony Perkins did join his fellow conservative in directly comparing the literal silencing (i.e. murdering) of the Charlie Hebdo workers with the firing (i.e. merit-based termination of employment) of Kelvin Cochran. Here's a snip of what Tony had to say:

"While many believe the satirical work of Charlie Hebdo was in bad taste and of poor form, we recognize the freedom that they had to speak without fear of reprisal or the threat of violence. Make no mistake about it, last week's violent assault was designed to intimidate and silence others who would dare exercise that fundamental human right of the freedom of speech.

"Whether it's a journalist in France satirically writing about religion or a fire chief in Atlanta, Georgia writing about the sacred teachings of his faith, the silencing of either is a threat to the freedoms of all. The naked truth is that the actions taken against the Chief are designed to send a message that will silence Christians and in effect force them to check their faith at the door of public service.
FRC press release

You know who might have a different take on this "silencing" equation, Mr. Perkins? The grieving families—widows and widowers, moms and dads, brothers and sisters—whose loved ones are literally and forever silenced. I'm sure they know the sound of silence all too well. All too eerily.

Mr. Cochran, on the other hand, is not dead; he is very much an alive, mortal, sentient being, and he is very much using his facilities to communicate. In fact, his speaking out while an investigation going on is one of the major reasons Mayor Reed cited for the fire chief's ultimate firing! However, Mr. Cochran did choose to speak out about the investigation, as one is free to do in American. But since he did make that choice, the employee faced repercussions from the employer that paid him to do a certain join. And since he didn't like that employment decision, he is now speaking to any press outlet who will have him. He will likely parlay this conservative martyrdom into paid gigs; most in his position manage to do so. But whether he does or not, his wife and family will still get to hold him and love him and mine whatever gifts he has to offer this world. Because he's not dead. And a not-murdered person should never be compared to a murder-by-homicide—and especially not so a leader of a likeminded special interest group can make political hay.


**SEE ALSO: Mayor Reed's office has released the report from the investigation into Mr. Cochran's behavior. Among other things, the report indicates that he did distribute his book to subordinates, even though he had claimed he didn't:

Law Department Investigation Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran Book 1-9-15

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