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Video: Congressmen Kelly, Labrador attempt to sell their pro-discrimination legislation

by Jeremy Hooper

There's a lot here, and nothing all that specific to snip. But I do think it's interesting to hear what conservative members of Congress are saying as they attempt to sell pieces of (go-nowhere, time wasting) legislation that seek to roll back marriage equality and LGBT nondiscrimination so that religious people who disagree with LGBT people's fair accommodation have unprecedented carveouts.

First up is Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA3), who is carrying legislation that would allow faith-driven adoption agencies to both maintain state contracts/fudning and discriminate against same-sex couples. He is followed by Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID1), who is pushing a bill that would basically allow business owners to flout nondiscrimination laws that apply to LGBT people. Both of the bills are federal versions of the "license to discrimination" policies that conservatives, ticked that they couldn't stop marriage equality, are trying to enact at the state level.

Watch as much or as little as you want. The House members are followed by a marriage panel with Heritage staffers like Ryan Anderson:

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