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Video: Hey, Focus on the Family's Citizenlink—get your egos out of our marriage equality!

by Jeremy Hooper

It's one thing for the anti-equality, anti-LGBT, anti–church/state separation religious right to keep pretending that nondiscrimination practices toward LGBT customers are some sort of undue burden. But if nothing else, I really wish they would stop acting as if these cases, which they keep highlighting (even though they keep losing them), are some sort of "proof" that we only want civil marriage equality so that we can lessen and inconvenience the lives of conservative Christians:

Nearly Twelve years ago (and nearly six years ago, under law), I pledged a lifetime to one man for any number of reasons. I can assure you that pissing off Stuart Shepard and his Focus on the Family employers was not even kind of on my radar. In fact, neither Mr. Shepard nor Focus are ever on my radar, outside of my work challenging their constant onslaughts against my freedoms as an American taxpayer.

Mr. Shepard's video is supposedly all about defining what it means to be a Christian conservative in America. For most people, however, that label has come to mean a team of people who overreach in order to serve their self-centered and exclusionary view of who does and does not get to participate in the American experience. There are decades of examples for why this is. One current example is this effort to say that our simple request for the a wedding cake that vendor purports to sell is some sort of clever scheme that we wily gay folk have designed in order to maim the business owner who was under the false impression that he or she gets to operate above the fair application of fairly enacted nondiscrimination ordinances. How egotistical to think that you, the players who make up the indefatigable and often well paid movement that dedicates workday after workday toward fighting against our civil rights, even factor into our lives, loves, and wedding planning. You don't. Or at least you wouldn't, if you would kindly butt the friggin' frick out of our existences.

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