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Wait, even NewsMax is now pushing back against anti-gay spin?!

by Jeremy Hooper

This video is a few days old, but I just discovered it and want to post. It's not so much that I find anything that Florida anti-gay activist John Stemberger says to be all that notable (although his claim that we "can't do civilization" without marriage being the way he sees it is pretty funny). What's most interesting to me is how the anchor for NewsMax, an incredibly conservative outlet, doesn't seem to be having any of Stemberger's lies. He pushes back on almost every one:

Virtually everything Stemberger says is a lie. There aren't "thousands of studies" that discredit same-sex parenting. Even the thing that he calls a "study that was just released today" of children of same-sex parents is actually an amicus brief—the one where Robert Oscar Lopez lied about me—that the far-right is trying to turn into a thing. He also claims that he, a decades-long activist opposed to every LGBT right, is in the same camp as pre–2012 Obama, which remains beyond ludicrous no matter how often anti-gay conservatives repeat it in order to make themselves feel better. Every thing he says is nonsense

But of course I would think that. The fact that NewsMax TV pushes back against virtually every thing that comes out of Mr. Stemberger's mouth? That's hilarious. It's just another sign of how fully these folks have lost and how even outlets that were once inclined to help them are just pretty much over it.


Oh, and while I have you, John:

Children of same-sex couples are happier and healthier than peers, research shows [WaPo]

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