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Wait, FRC has been able to 'uphold natural marriage'? That's news to all non–cave dwellers!

by Jeremy Hooper

In its latest fundraising pitch, the Family Research Council highlights many things that the anti-LGBT org. is supposedly doing. Many of them are stretches of the truth because, well—it's FRC. But this highlighted one is just a blatant lie:

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Of course if FRC meant "natural marriage" the way people who actually care about accurate usage of the English language mean it, then they would be right. Natural marriage has, in fact, been upheld during this time of remarkable progress for marriage equality. Because marriage equality is not a threat. Obviously.

But that's not how FRC means it. FRC is telling its supporters that this organization has been effective on this issue, which is just ludicrous. The FRC has done nothing to stop equality. And in fact, I would be the first to argue that groups like FRC, with such a reliable string of animus that is unmatched by just about any "mainstream" conservative group, has actually done much to help buoy, if not push, marriage equality efforts. People who have seen or heard FRC's rhetoric have realized which side of history they don't want to be on.

But of course stopping marriage equality is one of FRC's cash cows, so staffers are desperate to seem tough and contributive in this fight. Which is a lie they were able to push when we had one, two, three states. But with thirty-six states officially in the marriage equality camp (and a couple of more, like AL, likely in the coming weeks) and full federal recognition of these marriages, I think it might be time for FRC to at least concede that their efforts to "uphold" (by which they really mean hold up) have crapped the bed. The fake "victim" routine is their only card now. The "tough" act lost.

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