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Wanna debate marriage law on Fox News? (A) Study hard and pass the bar or (B) Have negative opinions about a minority population

by Jeremy Hooper

Yes, he's the leader of an organization that the respected Southern Poverty Law Center lists on its relatively short lineup of anti-LGBT hate groups. Yes, that's because he has said absolutely heinous things about LGBT families, LGBT minors, and just about anyone who stands for equality (see here).

But for now, let's overlook that (compelling, totally valid, shouldn't really be ignored) part of the story. Instead, let's talk only about the ridiculous imbalance of qualifications for this upcoming Fox News matchup:

Fox To Host Marriage Debate Between Ted Olson And Hate Group Head Tony Perkins [J.M.G.]

Ted Olson is a prominent lawyer and a former Solicitor General. Tony Perkins is a man who believes gay people deserve discrimination and should ultimately be "changed." The former uses the law as his guide; the latter uses his personal faith. Olson is qualified to speak on the legal implications of inequality in civil law; Tony Perkins is qualified to speak about the pamphlet his organization put out in which they began by equating same-sex marriage with man-on-horse marriage (with horse picture to drive home he point).

I'm a bajillion percent confident that Olson will mop the floor with Perkins' obviously animus-laden arguments. That's not the point, at least if your interest is in providing clarity rather than creating distractions. The bookers behind this segment should be embarrassed, frankly.

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