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Yes you will coexist with civil marriage equality, Tony Perkins; that's a demand, not a request

by Jeremy Hooper

On yesterday's edition of his viciously anti-gay radio show, proudly discriminatory commentator Tony Perkins demanded that people like him will never accept marriage equality regardless of the fact that we already have thirty-six* states, full federal rights, and the very likely prospect of fifty-state equality by year's end. Because it's "lawlessness," insists Perkins, and "lawlessness cannot reign" until someone "takes out" God.

Here's the clip:

Mr. Perkins, you can rip up every same-sex wedding invite you relieve. You can spend your months of June driving around looking for lesbian brides to scoff at. You can spend your Sundays preaching about how our ultimate honeymoons will be spent in hell. Have a great time, friend. One must keep oneself busy.

But in all areas of law and policy, Tony Perkins, you will accept civil marriage equality. I know that you, being one of the prominent spokesmen for one of the most hubristic movements in American political history, likely think everyone is waiting for your permission. But we are not. You fought against us, and you have largely lost. You will continue to lose this fight because you chose the losing side. In civil law, you will respect your fellow American citizens who enter into same-sex unions, their families, and their deserved rights. Or you will suffer penalties for your flouting of the law. Again, we're not asking. We are telling you this.

Oh, and T-Dog, I am head over heels in love with that reliable shtick you do where you're all like, "Oh, the left will go crazy when I say this!" Have you not realized by now that we consider you and your bombast one of our best assets? You make us mad? Ha! We promote you because you're practically fighting on our side at this point.


*We actually have thirty-seven or even thirty-eight states, depending on what happens in South Dakota and, especially, Alabama.

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