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Anti-gay group NOM: 'To deprive a child of [a mother and a father] is akin to orphaning them'

by Jeremy Hooper

This is shocking rhetoric, even for the National Organization For Marriage:

To state it simply, children need both a mother and a father. To deprive a child of one or the other is akin to orphaning them. Every child deserves a mother and father to foster, teach, and love them. No child deserves to be orphaned.
No Child Deserves to Be Orphaned[NOM]

Hear that, gay parents, single parents, and all other loving, doting, tireless guardians who give all you can and more in order to ensure your children's welfare? To the radical activists at the organization leading the charge to stop same-sex marriage here in America, those of us who parent outside of the one and only structure that NOM has deemed acceptable are akin to negligent parents and our children are akin to orphans.

This is beyond the pale and outside the boundaries of acceptable political discourse I say that not just, or even primarily, as an activist who has tracked this radical organization since its inception. I say it more as a parent who will fight to the death, even through the tired eyes and fatigued body that come with my long days of parenting, to shield my precious young one from this kind of cruelty. This is not just an attack on me or my rights—it's an attack on my baby. That will unleash a beast that NOM has yet to see from me.

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