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Audio: FRC's Tony Perkins suggests civil disobedience; says compliance with nondiscrimination = 'involuntary servitude'

by Jeremy Hooper

Tony Perkins does this really funny thing. Whenever he's about to say something that he knows will show his truer colors, he prefaces it with some line about how "the left" and "the bloggers" are going to be all red-faced and angry and "foaming at the mouth" over his comments. After all these years, Tony still hasn't realized that all of us who track and post his nasty rhetoric are (a) extremely grateful to him, the head of an organization that became a certified hate group on his watch, for his unwitting assistance in helping us achieve equal rights by virtue of an overheated quote bank that showed just how ugly anti-gay activism often is; and (b) typically gleeful, and not even kind of angry, about coming across yet another one of his many verbal slights.

So let me preface this, yet another clip of Tony doing his same old shtick, by saying that I am smiling while posting it. That's because I know the suggestion that basic compliance with fairly-enacted nondiscrimination law is a form of "involuntary servitude" is a notion that only makes the socially conservative movement look more fringe than it already is. Moreover, I know that when Fox News regulars like Tony start saying that civil disobedience is the way they plan to react to gay people's weddings, Americans going to have to struggle to determine which side is the truly militant one in this debate.

Without further ado, here's Tony Perkins on how people like him should proceed in a nation that protects LGBT customers (and female customers and black customers and religious customers and disabled customers and...) from discrimination in public accommodation:

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