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Breaking-but-in-no-way-shocking: Washington florist did discriminate against gay couple

by Jeremy Hooper

Business owners who run a public accommodation that purports to offer a certain service do not have the right to treat same-sex couples differently from opposite-sex couples, at least in jurisdictions that have shored up fair nondiscrimination protections. That's really not up for debate. Tonight, another judge is making that clear:

Judge: Arleneā€™s Flowers owner violated the law [Tri-City Herald]

If conservative activists really cared about business owners like Ms. Stutzman from Arlene's Flowers, they would stop convincing them that they have winning cases. Opportunistic outfits like the Alliance Defending Freedom are selling them a bill of goods basically so they (the ADF) can sell their movement's broader political case about marriage equality and its supposed pitfalls. These anti-equality/pro-discrimination groups don't really care about these business owners, their livelihoods, or the easily understandable practices that all businesses know they have to follow whenever they set up shingles purporting to serve "all comers." These groups are duping these featured players in these tests cases into believing they can win largely because groups like ADF need some way to stay in this, a marriage game that they've nearly lost.

It's cruel deception, really.


*And true to form, the ADF responds with even more deception. Its attorneys are claiming that this is the government telling Ms. Stutzman what she "must say" and that it constitutes "full support for wedding ceremonies."

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