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Buzzfeed: Jeb Bush's nascent team is teeming with gay Republicans

by Jeremy Hooper

Building on last week's announcement that the Bush-in-waiting has hired an out and quite activist-minded gay man as his communications director, Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins has filed a lengthy report on the full breadth of the Republican's burgeoning campaign and its noticeable bent:

Quietly, Jeb has filled his campaign-in-waiting with some of the most open proponents of gay rights in the Republican Party. And donors think he sees the issues the same way they do — pro-LGBT.
FULL: Jeb Bush, 2016’s Gay-Friendly Republican [Buzzfeed]

A fascinating read. And I don't find any of it the least bit shocking. The Republican party is much closer to gay-inclusivity than many, inside or outside the party, realize. And with so many odds stacked against them in 2016, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the GOP runs a candidate who is at least somewhat supportive of most LGBT rights, whether because he or she personally believes in those rights, or simply because he or she realizes its the smart political move.

Let's be clear: Based on what he has done and said, Jeb Bush is not our friend on policy. But let me be equally clear in stating that I don't think it would be the strangest thing in the world to see him coming around in a major way over the next few months.

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