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CPAC readies a marriage panel; its last?

by Jeremy Hooper

The Conservative Political Action Conference, colloquially known as CPAC, gets under way next week. And just like in past years, there will be a marriage (in)equality panel:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 At 12.41.47 Pm

No surprise. The political conservatives have been politicizing this issue, from the negligently wrong side of things, for many years now; why wouldn't they give it another go at this, their premier political event?

But you have to wonder if this might be their swan song performance. By CPAC 2016, it's highly likely that all of our states will join the federal government in recognizing full marriage equality for same-sex couples. Moreover, it's very likely that a demographically-challenged Republican party, which will then be embroiled in a primary that will likely be hotly contested, will be struggling to find a way to distance itself from the far-right marriage wars, which become even more of a general electoral liability with every passing day. It's easy to see how this present "future" panel could be the last before such discussions become a thing of the past.

If so, good riddance. If not, then good riddance to this party's presidential chances for many years to come.

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