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Desperate National Org. For Marriage now pushing abject, undeniable animus

by Jeremy Hooper

I've always believed that the closer we get to victory, the more disgusting our opposition is going to get. Latest example:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 At 11.32.14 Am

You cannot respect your LGB neighbor and also relate their real or theoretical marriages to that which might exist between a brother and sister (or brother and sister and mother and...). The two notions are incompatible.

By going down, the programatic-deprived path that Roy Moore is laying out, NOM is making our case to the Supreme Court, no theirs. Which is good in the policy sense. But on the ground, where nasty and fearful ideas lead to actual consequences for actual humans, this kind of stuff could turn very ugly very quickly. Stay vigilant, my brothers and sisters.

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