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If Brittany Newmark Klein wants to be a player, she should spine up and use her real name

by Jeremy Hooper

You might remember our old pal Brittany Newmark Klein (or B.A. Newmark). She's that college lecturer who has posted jaw-dropping things about trans people on the internet, and the person whose recent Public Discourse piece had to be corrected after she defamed me. Screen Shot 2015-02-03 At 1.08.40 PmShe uses the pen name of "Rivka Edelman."

Well she's back with yet another piece that accuses LGBT people of being misogynistic (her favorite claim). And yet again, Ms. Newmark Klein is using her favorite pen name to espouse her reliably histrionic and crude views:

LBGT Demands For Other People’s Children Are Misogynistic [Federalist]

But here's the thing: Ms. Newmark Klein is currently getting a bit of press in the conservative media for the amicus brief that she filed along with her buddies Katy Faust ('memba her from yesterday?), Robert Oscar Lopez ('memba him from all of this?), and Dawn Stefanowicz ('member her from her association with radical anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera?). And in those articles, she is cited with the name she used to file her brief, BN Klein. This being so, it is the height of deceit for her to go on other conservative forums and use this "Rivka" pen name, as if she is some other person. If she is enough of an interested party to file a court brief, then the public that is weighing this stuff has a right to know that these two individuals, operating with different names, is actually the same person.

The other side has tried this before, using different names and labels to make it seem like their very small team is more sizable than it is. Screen Shot 2015-02-03 At 1.08.15 PmI'm not sure if that is what Ms. Newmark Klein is trying to do with her switching of identities. But whatever the reason, it's time for her to stop. If she wants to write crude attacks against LGBT parents (and really against all adoptive parents, to be honest), wants to slur trans activists, wants to write truly bizarre screeds directed at me, wants to sign on to an amicus brief, and wants to sit on councils of organizations started up by her pal Robert Oscar Lopez, then she needs to reconcile her identities.

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