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New low for 'Public Discourse': Conserv. site compares fifty-state marriage, fifty-state slavery

by Jeremy Hooper

In Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), a 7–2 majority on the United States Supreme Court held that African Americans are not American citizens and upheld slavery as being legal nationwide.

In the United States v. Windsor (2013), a 5–4 majority of the United States Supreme Court held that the then–eighty-three-year-old Edith Windsor is, in fact, an American citizen and thus is entitled to have her marriage equality recognized under federal law.

"PERFECT COMPARISON!" says an increasingly off-the-rails and pragmatism-free movement that now seems determined to prove its deep animus:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 At 9.34.36 Pm
FULL: Abraham Lincoln and Same-Sex Marriage [Public Discourse]

One does get the sense that the other side is just sending every last one of its factory's parts down the conveyor belt in hope that something—ANYTHING!—will turn into a sellable product. Only thing? Those long-hidden ideas are the worst ones. And now that those worst ideas are coming to full and unfettered light, those of us who have long-challenged this once-more-pragmatic movement feel both validated and sickened, in equal measure.

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