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Next phase in the marriage fight: the post-equality 'we were wrong' tour

by Jeremy Hooper

There's an interesting situation happening in Arizona, where some Democratic state legislators are pushing a bill that would remove the marriage-banning language from the state constitution. Since the courts have already found that voter-enacted ban to be unconditional and couples have been marrying in the state for many months, the bill is really just a formality. But what's notable is the way those who are championing the inevitable-to-pass-at-some-point legislation are talking about it. For instance:

"It's also a really important gesture to say we were wrong. The courts have decided we were wrong (and) culture is now going to prove that things have changed," said [state Rep. Stefanie Mach of District 10]
FULL: Democratic lawmakers seek to revise marriage definition in Arizona's constitution [KTAR]

"We were wrong." Yes. Indeed. I suspect we are going to be hearing this kind of concession all across the country over the next decade.

And you know what? Good. We deserve it. We've been wronged, and cruelly so, by monied interests, opportunistic politicians, and our fellow neighbors who bought into the lies. We suffered (and in several states continue to suffer) brute indignities. Many of us paused our lives to take on this, a fight that never would've been if our reasonable heads had prevailed from the beginning. These wrongs were human-driven and heartfelt. The restoration following this "culture war" must be as well.

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