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NOM trying to sell 'damage to families and society' as foregone conclusion

by Jeremy Hooper

For years the National Organization for Marriage, as well as the frankly much more effective organizations that preceded it, have been trying to sell the idea that marriage equality would hurt people and families and countries and planets and billy goats. This was something they could do when we had no or even just a couple of states with marriage equality. It's easy to monger the intellectually crude fear when there are so few test cases.

But now that we have thirty-seven states, many of which have had marriage equality for lotsa years, these pro-discrimination fear groups need a new line. So for the ignoble organization that is NOM, this means telling it supporters that "damage to families and society" is something that will inevitably shake out, but it will just take years before people realize it and rise up against it:

Please stand with us as we march for marriage! We are at the moment in history where this precious institution that God created at the beginning of time is at risk of being held to be "discriminatory." If such a ruling happens, it will take years before people wake up and realize the damage to families and society as a result.
NOM's latest cash grab]

And, um, we'll also have flying cars. And each of the Santorum and Duggar children will serve various weeks as President of the United States. And NOM will be an official arm of the government. And, and....

Nice try, Brian Brown. But the American public is are only going to realize the time and considerable resources that people like you forced us all to waste.

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