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Oregon officials determine discriminatory bakery did in fact discriminate

by Jeremy Hooper

6A00D8341C503453Ef01A51160273B970CTo the surprise of no one who followed that facts and understands proper application of nondiscrimination law, the anti-gay owners of Oregon's now-shuttered Sweet Cakes by Melissa have been found guilty for their 2013 refusal to sell a wedding cake to a lesbian couple:

Ore. bakery will have to pay same-sex couple up to $150K [KGW.com]

And now the couple is facing stiff fines. All because they believe that customers who come into their business requesting products that they purport to sell to the public are to first undergo their morality tests before completing the transaction. But of course a test that is applied in only a narrowly applied way. Meaning, they only seem to have ever applied this kind of a test to homosexuality.

The whole thing is just sad. And of course what is even worse is that those who should actually process this decision, its meaning, and its logical outcome are the ones who will surely use it as more fuel for their persecution complex.

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