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Photo: Anti-gay Alabama group helps critics link interracial marriage, same-sex marriage protests

by Jeremy Hooper

The bible was absolutely, indisputably, heavily used to justify bans on interracial marriage, Jim Crow laws, and other blights on the history of the segregated south. And of course we are talking about civil marriage (and related rights), not religious ceremony.

But even so, this anti-gay Alabama group for some reason thinks it's a good idea to solidify these two images within the public's consciousness:


You can even see it in the picture on the left. One of the guys is holding a sign, partially obscured, that reads "Stop the race mixing. March of the AntiChrist." That's because those Alabamans on the list were insisting then that they too were "standing on God's Law." Does this group really think that because they are insistent that they got it right his time that people are gong to be like, "Oh, okay then. Since you say so!"

No! Frankly, I've shied away from linking these kinds of photos because I thought it could come across as a little heavy-handed. But if these folks want to do it for me? Then please proceed, my unwitting allies!


**I'm not 100% certain, but it seems this group might be linked to Roy Moore's Foundation For Moral Law group. Roy's wife and the president of the Foundation For Moral Law, Kayla Moore, routinely shares this group's stuff. And on its Facebook page, in the section where they are to insert an official website link, this "Sanctity" group links out to a Foundation For Moral Law protest page.

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