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Rep. Huelskamp reintroduces Federal [Mirage] Amendment

by Jeremy Hooper

Just a few steps out the door following a truly enjoyable tour of the US Capitol, eight-year-old Tommy Anderson stopped on heel, raised his hands above his head, and yelled out, "shotgun!" No, he wasn't a burgeoning lobbyist for the NRA, but rather a determined youth hellbent on seizing that coveted front seat of his mother's Buick before his younger brother Joey got his own ideas. Tommy was prescient enough to plan ahead, determined enough to put his force of will behind his practical notions, and schooled enough in the rules of youthful camaraderie, to say nothing of its parental limitations, to know what policies he could and not successfully and realistically implement in his crusade of superiority against his brother.

Tommy Anderson should run back to the US Capitol and give a lesson to conservative Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS1):

The Supreme Court will soon consider four of these cases involving the mandate of same-sex ‘marriage.’ Those decisions, expected to be handed down from on high in June, have the potential to invalidate and criminalize future debate on this issue, just like Roe v. Wade tried to do with abortion. That is why I reintroduced the Marriage Protection Amendment this Congress. This Constitutional amendment reaffirms the plain and simple truth: marriage is a union between one man and one woman and no federal judge can say otherwise.
FULL: Defending Against the Assault on Marriage [TownHall]

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