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So do it, Alabama judge. Go ahead. Let's see it. Stop marriages. Poop or get off the pot

by Jeremy Hooper

I'm so tired of certain Alabama judges dragging feet and making petulant threats. Latest:

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Threatens To Abolish All Marriages In The State to Prevent Gays From Marrying [Towleroad]

So go ahead, Judge Murdock. Stop all marriages and then go on any media outlet that will have you, and tell everyone that Ray and Steve and their shared love is the reason why. Bring it. We're waiting.

But if you're not going to do it? Then, judge, please kindly stop these idle and self-centered threats, which are more resemblant of a particularly cranky toddler who's just had her stuffed bunny ripped from her hands than they are resemblant of a learned judge dedicated to sound jurisprudence. The rest of us have a long future on the right side of history that we are more than ready to live.

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